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Backstreet Boys : bientôt une résidence de concerts à Las Vegas ?

Ils font un nouveau grand retour, 3 ans après les concerts qui avaient marqué leurs 20 ans de carrière. Les Backstreet boys ont annoncé cette année tour à tour : un nouvel album, une tournée, et peut-être même un contrat de résidence à Las Vegas si tout se passe bien!

“Backstreet’s back alright”! chantaient-ils en coeur dans leur titre Everybody, en 1997. Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean, Kevin Richard­son et Howie Dorough font de la résistance et reviennent en 2016 à la rencontre de leur fidèle public.

Qui a dit qu’ils étaient has been? Leur boys band qui fait danser depuis 1993 vient de signer pour 9 dates à Las Vegas ! La capitale du jeu et ses gains ont déjà séduit avant le groupe américain quelques grands talents comme Céline Dion, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey ou encore Jennifer Lopez.

C’est donc avec humilité que Nick Carter a annoncé la grande nouvelle cette semaine, dans les colonnes de Entertainment Weekly. “Si ça se passe bien, je pense que cela va ouvrir une porte et qu’on le fera”. En effet, les premières dates ne sont encore qu’un test, pour vérifier la cote des chanteurs.

Une affaire presque dans le sac pour le groupe puisque le leader garantit : “Cela devrait vrai­ment être un énorme spec­tacle. Heureu­se­ment, on a un bon cata­logue donc on peut chan­ter tous nos hits. Ça pour­rait prendre une grande partie du show”.

Autrement, en 2016, les interprètes de I want it that way auront quand même un lot de consolation avec la sortie d’un nouvel album et une tournée à venir!



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Source: ET Online

He can sing, he can dance, and he’s the son of a Backstreet Boy!

At 13 years old, Baylee Littrell is following in his father Brian Littrell’s footsteps with his own budding singing and acting career. Earlier this week, the youngest Littrell officially made his Broadway debut in Disaster!, a new jukebox musical and parody of those outrageous ’70s disaster films.

“I never knew that Broadway was going to come into the mix,” Baylee tells ET, revealing that he started “jumping up and down, screaming” before running around his room upon hearing the news that he landed the part. But his father knew better.

“Baylee’s worked hard. He’s been all over the globe with the Backstreet Boys and he’s seasoned,” Brian says. “He loves characters: he loves Carol Burnett, he loves Tim Conway. He’s an old soul.”

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Source: ET Online

EXCLUSIVE: A.J. McLean Says Backstreet Boys Are ‘Looking Into’ Las Vegas Residency

Get excited, all you Backstreet Boys fans!

ET caught up with A.J. McLean at The Brothers Grimsby premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, when the 38-year-old singer said the boy band is definitely interested in a Las Vegas residency a la Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

“We are talking about it. We are looking into it right now and we’ll see,” McLean exclusively told ET. “We’ll see what happens! Right now, we’re actually back in the studio making our ninth album. If anything transpires it’ll probably come after our brand new tour, and I’m doing my very first solo project. There’s a lot of things going on this year.”

McLean said he and his fellow BSB bandmate, Kevin Richardson, have already done some research into a possible residency when they checked out Spears’ Britney: Piece of Me show late last month.

“Kevin and I went out there with our managers to do some recon for a possible residency,” McLean revealed. “We wanted to go see the production, see the show, catch up with our old friend Britney.”

“She was amazing as usual!” he gushed. “She’s such an amazing performer — she’s so sweet. She has not changed a bit. She’s still just a sweet little Southern belle.”

Huge confession… biggest @backstreetboys fan! Tonight was truly a dream for me. #Vegas #PieceOfMe

Une photo publiée par Britney Spears (@britneyspears) le

He also obviously couldn’t complain about getting chosen from the audience to be in her “Freakshow” number, when he was playfully chained and handcuffed.

“Her little fangirl moment on stage was kind of priceless,” McLean smiled. “I was a fan just being there, and then she pulled me on stage and did what she did with me, which was fun! My wife was actually super jealous that she wasn’t the one who got spanked.”

ET chatted with McLean in January at the Fifty Shades of Black premiere in Los Angeles, when he teased what fans can expect from the Backstreet Boys’ new music.

“We’re actually going back to old Backstreet — more of that pop R&B, a little bit more grown up, a little bit more sexy,” he exclusively told ET. “So for all the ladies out there, we’re all grown men.”

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Nick a été interviewé par iheart radio HQ… il a parlé de sa carrière solo et avec les BsB ainsi que de DWTS… Le site a aussi publié quelques jolies photos, que vous pouvez retrouver dans la galerie :)

Source: iheart radio

Nick Carter crushed this season of “Dancing With The Stars,” making it all the way to the finals — but the busy singer has been up to A LOT more than just the show. From new music to movies, he’s been working on multiple projects over the last few years, and we’re all about to see just what he’s been up to. The Backstreet Boys member recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ for an exclusive interview in New York City where he let us in on everything that he’s been working on — including a new upcoming solo record.

Yup! Nick has been back in the studio working on material, and is releasing his brand new solo album All American on November 25th. Don’t worry Backstreet Boys fans — there’s another album coming from them too. But for now, Nick is really excited about his solo music because — as he admits to us — he’s “actually never really had success as a solo artist.”

Nick Carter on his aim to reach success as a solo artist

“I’m definitely passionate about solo music because in a lot of ways I’ve actually never really had success as a solo artist. And this is a true story. The boys, we’ve had such great success, great songs, hits, and tours, and all this stuff. In a lot of ways it’s so big and I try to reach to that, and sort of got over-shadowed a little bit. So I feel that it’s one of those bucket list things for me, to have a song that people can connect with me too. Or an album that finally reaches that pinnacle, and that goal I set for myself. That’s one of the reasons that I love doing music. Also because I want to go out on the road, and play guitar, and perform as well. And I feel like I haven’t found myself up until now, as a solo artist.”

Nick has been working on much more than just solo music. There is a new Backstreet Boys album AND tour on the way. He also opened up to us about the rumored Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls tour, the movie coming out next year that he wrote, and more.

heck out everything that Nick Carter has been up to in our exclusive interview below:

1. On making his solo single called “I Will Wait”

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Everybody, Nick Carter is back on the music scene!

The Backstreet Boys member may be shaking up a storm this season on Dancing With the Stars. But the ballroom veteran has another exciting project on the horizon that fans will want to know about.

The 35-year-old is set to release his latest solo album titled All American earlier than expected. In fact, fans will be able to purchase the disc just in time for the holidays beginning Nov. 25.

As an added bonus, E! News has exclusively obtained the first image of the cover and let’s just say all that dancing has done the body good. With his hair slicked back, Carter has no problem showing off his physique in a black tank-top.

“I am proud to announce that we are officially releasing my NEW solo album All American earlier than we planned,” Carter shared in a blog post. “On top of that, we are announcing the sale of my tour in these 2 weeks as well. We are set to begin touring North America in February 2016. I’m so excited to perform all new music and show you some of these new moves that I’ve learned on DWTS.”

If new music, an upcoming tour and a possible spot in the DWTS finale wasn’t enough, Carter also has some family news to look forward to.

Earlier this month, the boy band member announced that he was expecting his first child with wife Lauren Kitt.

“Get ready, cause big things are on the horizon,” Carter shared online. “Thank you again for all your love.”

Source: E! Online

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From breathtaking ball-rooming to blue balloons – congrats Nick and Lauren!

It’s a boy!

In one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters to go down in Backstreet history, Nick and Lauren officially announced the amazing news they’re about to become parents last night.

After scoring perfect 10s for his stunning contemporary piece, the adorable pair confirmed they’re expecting their first child, then discovered the gender of Baby Carter live-on-air.

Nick’s dance partner and new bestie Sharna Burgess was by the couple’s side as they revealed the news and says she’s excited to play aunty to Baby Carter.

“I think Nick and Lauren will be amazing parents,” says Sharna. “This baby boy will grow up in a house filled with love and respect. I say that because among all their amazing qualities, these are what I see the most in Nick and Lauren. They are made for each other, and the newest addition to the family is the gift they have been waiting for, for so long.

“I’m beyond happy for them and can’t wait to meet the little one.

“I’ve claimed that I’m an aunty already!”

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AJ McLean révèle les meilleurs conseils qu’il donnerait son “lui” adolescence

AJ McLean is making a name for himself, besides just being a member of the best-selling group, the Backstreet Boys. He has a new single, “Live Together” that focuses on major – yet important – issues that are going on in the world today and when we caught up with the singer about the important message he hopes the song will bring, he shared life lessons from his teenage years that have really stuck with him.

“I would tell my teenage self to be a little more open-minded, be a little more reserved, and not as trusting. I trusted too many people at once who were not the best influence on me. When I was going through my rough patch, I was spending time with people who weren’t keeping me on the right path,” he said to TWIST. “I had to learn things on my own, the hard way. Fortunately, I had an angel on my shoulder, or maybe it was just dumb luck, but I was very fortunate. I would just tell my younger self to be weary of those people around you who are just telling you want you want to hear and don’t have your best interests’ in mind.”

That is some solid advice!


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BSB’s AJ McLean Opens Up About His Daughter
— See How Much She’s Grown and Hear How She Inspired Him!

AJ McLean wears a lot of different hats. He’s a member of the Backstreet Boys, he’s a singer, he’s a dancer — but above all else, he’s a father.

Which is why he credits his two-year-old daughter, Ava, for inspiring the new music video for his song “Live Together.”

“My daughter Ava was part of my inspiration for ‘Live Together,’ I want her to grow up in a world where equality, love and compassion are stronger than hate, racism and homophobia,” the 37-year-old exclusively tells In Touch.

The video, which was dubbed an “anti-discrimination anthem” by Rolling Stone, touches on these heavy issues and more.

AJ explains to In Touch, “I hope that anyone who watches the video comes away with the message that we can all make change, that we each have the power to do and be good and we need to stand up now, together, to set an example for our kids and each other so that they grow up and so we grow old in a better world.”

Source: In Touch Weekly

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Source: Us Magazine

Nick Carter Is Already Everyone’s Favorite on Dancing With the Stars: Reactions!

Backstreet’s back, all right! Twenty years after he made teen girls swoon with “We’ve Got It Goin’ On,” Nick Carter is surrounded by screaming fans once more. The Backstreet Boy made his Dancing With the Stars debut during its Season 21 premiere on Monday, Sept. 14 — and he did not disappoint!

The ABC dancing competition saved the best for last when Carter, 35, and his pro dance partner, Sharna Burgess, kicked up their heels to Flo Rida’s “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” for a cha-cha routine. They scored a 24 out of 30 from the judges, and got one of the biggest ovations of the night.

The boy bander received plenty of Twitter support from fans, including stars like Snooki, former ‘N Sync rival Lance Bass, New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight, and his younger brother Aaron Carter, who finished in fifth place with partner Karina Smirnoff in Season 9.

“Aaron actually was very supportive, he called me immediately and said, ‘Nick, I couldn’t get the Mirrorball, so can you get [it] for me?'” Nick told Us Weekly Monday night. “And I said, ‘I’ll try my hardest, buddy!’ So we’re supportive of each other.”

The “Everybody” singer also told Us how nervous he was about his first performance. “I’m just relieved that it’s over with,” he said. “I had a lot of anxiety basically just because I was unsure of the stage, unsure of the environment. I told [Sharna], I felt like I was in the Thunderdome.”


Visitez pour découvrir les tweets d’encouragements et de félicitations que Nick à reçu de Aaron, Jordan Knight, Lance Bass, Jonathan Knight-Rodr, Avril Lavigne et des BsB .

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Nick Carter was only twelve years old when he started his music career as the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys. In the years that followed, the world witnessed the stark contrast between the professional persona of the baby-faced boy band member with the complex personal life that had him dating Paris Hilton, taking drugs and breaking ties with his own family.

It’s that contrast that just might be why people continue to find the 34-year-old so darn intriguing.

Today, Carter continues to make a living playing and performing music that still resonates with millions of hard-core fans. Currently joining forces with New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight as part of the duo Nick & Knight, Carter recently spoke with the Chicago Sun Times about the life he has led and all that he says still lies ahead.

Question: You are coming to Chicago for two nights [at House of Blues[. Chicago has always been an amazingly supportive market for your music, would you say?

Nick Carter: Chicago has always been one of our favorite places to come. The fans there love what we do and they don’t have any preconceived feelings about what type of music we do. They enjoy our performances and continue to love what we have given to them for over 23 years.

Q: Twenty-three years? Does that number shock you?
NC: It’s actually been more than that. It’s been 23 years for me and 25 years for Jordan. It doesn’t shock us though. We feel young and fresh and optimistic and we love being able to put out new music that’s a bit of a different take for us.

Q: You and Jordan have been friends for a while, but when did you actually come up with “Nick & Knight”?
NC: We actually came up with the idea underneath the stage on the NKOTBSB tour. Jordan thought it up and I was cool with it. But when we started the project and recording, we started challenging it. Maybe it was too cliché. But we said screw it and stayed with it.

Q: The NKOTBSB collaborations have been quite popular with your fans. Why do you believe two boy bands from the ’90s remain so popular after all these years?
NC: We come from an old-school mentality and a dying breed of groups that will get out there and dance and truly put on a show. I mean, we came from the days of Michael Jackson and Prince. There are so many new artists out there who don’t want to do that because it’s not cool or something. I truly think people are craving the performance aspect of our shows.

Q: The new album “Nick & Knight” came out on Sept. 2, and the single “One More Time” is out now. If that didn’t keep you busy enough, you are the subject of a new VH1 docu-series (“I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter”). What made you want to do reality television again?
NC: My life is pretty unique. I mean, I’m in a boy band at 34 years old. [Laughs] But that’s my career. I met a normal girl and threw her into this crazy world where she would have to sacrifice any sort of normalcy. Besides just having to learn how to live this crazy life, she and I both have families that are screwed up and the show will show how we have to bond together to overcome that.

Q: So, you are on the Nick & Knight Tour through November. How long do you look ahead with this collaboration with Jordan?
NC: We want to take it all over the world if we can. At this point, we just want to let the people speak for themselves. If they want more, we will give them more.

Source: Entertainment

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