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Les Backstreet Boys font équipe avec sur leur campagne #LaceUpAmerica afin de célébrer de de soutenir les troupes américaine…

Voici une photos qu’ils ont faite en cette occasion et poster sur le compte twitter de la fondation:

Si vous voulez en savoir plus à propos de cette campagne, visitez !!

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Nick était juré (ou architecte, pour employer leur terme!) sur l’émission Boy Band (émission diffusé sur ABC et dont le but était de créer un nouveau groupe de cinq garçons – d’ou le titre hahaha)
Lors de la finale (qui s’est déroulée hier soir), les architectes (Nick, l’ex Spice Girl Emma Bunton et Timbaland) et la présentatrice (Rita Ora) ont ouvert le show en interprétant (dans l’ordre de passage) The Way I Are, Say You’ll Be There (avec les 8 finalistes) et enfin, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) !!

Voici la vidéo :)

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Alors qu’ils étaient à Las Vegas, les BsB ont accordé à Paper Magazine une interview et, ont faient une scéance photo au sein du Planet Hollywood…
Voici l’interview et les fameuses photos :)

Source / credits : Paper Magazine

2017 – Photoshoot by Charlotte Rutherford for ‘Paper Magazine’ (9 photos)

Backstreet’s back…but they’ve never left! After 24 years together, AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin and Nick are better than ever, working on their ninth studio album and thrilling fans with their five-part harmonies and syncopated dance routines during Larger Than Life, their massive Las Vegas residency at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. What started as a string of nine dates has grown into over 40 shows through February of next year, and if the guys have their way, they’ll be out here performing for the next two years — or longer. And not only are the guys in top form, but their fans, whether twenty and thirtysomethings who have been listening to them since their self-titled debut in ’96 or kids who discovered them on the Internet two decades later, are also not messing around. Catch one of their shows and you’ll find grown women on the verge of tears, holding signs that profess their still-burning love for one of the five. In the midst of one such string of shows, we talked to the Boys about their lives in Las Vegas, their onstage chemistry and what we can expect from their newest record.

How has the residency been going this summer?

Nick Carter: We have been having the time of our life here in Las Vegas. Some of us have actually moved here, we’re recording our next album here.The town has really embraced us.

Howie Dorough: We’re three months in already, and we’re thinking we’re probably going to be out here at least for the next two years.

Brian Littrell: Hopefully longer.The show is a perfect fit for our generation who is now older. They’re bringing their kids to our shows.

Kevin Richardson: A family came through the line the other night at a meet and greet: an 82-year-old grandmother, her daughter and then her daughter. That’s pretty cool.

You’ve been a group for 24 years. After all this time, what things have stayed the same and what’s changed?

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CMT nous offre un petit sneak peek de l’émission CMT Crossroads mettant en vedette les BsB et Florida Georgia Line – voivi leur duo sur Backstreet’s Back :)

Pour rappel, l’émission sera diffusé le 30 Aout… en espérant que nous trouvions des videos en ligne!

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Novembre 2017
6 shows! Les 8/11, 10/11, 11/11, 15/11, 17/11 et 18/11.

Janvier 2018
Un show le 31/01.

Février 2018
8 shows! Les 2/02, 3/02, 7/02, 9/02, 10/02, 14/02, 16/02 et 17/02.

Vous pouvez vous procurer vos tickets depuis le 16.06 sur et les VIP Meet & Greet upgrate sur le site officiel des Backstreet Boys!

Qui pense aller faire “un tour” à Vegas?

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Les Backstreet Boys et les Florida Georgia Line ont été invité à chanté leur tube commun “God, Your Mama, And Me” sur le plateau de Ellen DeGeneres.
Les BsB ont ensuite participé à un petit jeu…
Voici les videos :)


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CBS This Morning ont interviewé les BsB à propos de leur show à Vegas… ils ont aussi parlé avec Brian de sa lutte contre la dysphonie et AJ a confié que sa fille Ava a un gros coup de coeur pour Brian! (ooohhh que c’est mignon!!)
Voici la vidéo :)

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La prochaine BSB Cruise a été annoncée et se déroulera du 3 au 7 mai 2018 et se fera au départ de Miami FL. Toutes les infos sur

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Source: People Babies

(cliquez sur les photos afin d’être redirigé vers la galerie photo de WS)

The shape of A.J. McLean‘s heart? Full.

The Backstreet Boys member confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively in March that he welcomed daughter Lyric Dean, his second child with wife Rochelle.

Now almost 3 weeks old, little Lyric — who joins 4-year-old Ava Jaymes — has already captured the hearts of her parents and her big sister, who has been preparing for her role for a while.

“Seeing the excitement and anticipation that Ava has about being a big sister is truly amazing, and the best feeling in the world,” McLean, 39, tells PEOPLE. “She’s been practicing for months with her dolls, and with some of my wife’s friends’ babies.”

McLean admits that the possibility of adding to their family was something that became gradually more appealing, due in large part to his older daughter.

“I was told by someone very dear to me that having a child will change you forever, and that was beyond true with Ava,” he says. “We decided to try one more time because even though Ava is so independent, the idea of having a sister or brother for her became more and more important to us.”

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EXCLUSIVE: AJ McLean Explains His New Baby Girl’s Backstreet Boys-Inspired Name — Lyric Dean!
AJ McLean and his wife, Rochelle, just welcomed their second baby girl and the boy bander is telling ET all about her very Backstreet Boys-inspired name!

Lyric Dean McLean was born on Sunday in Los Angeles, and joins her big sister, 4-year-old Ava Jaymes.

“Rochelle got to name Ava after Ava Gardner because she loves old Hollywood, then she took my middle name, James, but spelled it differently,” explains the 39-year-old boy bander. “So, I got to pick this time. I mean, lyrics… Backstreet Boys… it’s pretty cool, right?”

Weighing 8 lbs., 3 oz, Lyric’s middle name, Dean, stemmed from Rochelle’s middle name, DeAnna.

The singer had not-so-secretly been wishing for another daughter before the couple found out the happy news last year.

“I got my wish!” he admits. “All my friends were like, ‘It’s a boy,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t want a boy!’ Obviously, I’d be fine if it was a boy as long as he was healthy, but I wanted another girl. I just love having a girl and now I have two.”

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