A Less Expensive AR-15 Style Rifle: The Fx-9

In today’s world, we are always looking for ways to save money but, we still want to go out and have some fun too. A Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Carbine FX9 AR-15 is a great way to do both of those things. The FX-9 is a 9x19mm carbine. Shooting the 9mm cartridge provides you with a cheaper alternative than the .223 that the AR-15 shoots typically. In the past pistol caliber, AR-15 carbines are a regular AR-15 platform just with the components sized down to run the pistol caliber of your choice. The FX-9 was designed from the start to run the 9mm. The FX-9’s parts are made for the 9mm not adapted to use the 9mm. The choice of a 9mm in this style of a carbine provides you with easily accessible ammunition at a much cheaper alternative than some other options. 

The carbine loads via Glock style magazines. It even comes with a 33round Glock style mag. This common style magazine gives the owner the versatility to use numerous aftermarket magazines that are all made in this same style. Running Glock style magazines in a standard pistol caliber means that you can quickly get additional mags and replacements, should one fail. 

The Fx-9 carbine comes in at an overall length of 31.5” and weighs only 6.1lbs. It is high quality while maintaining a lightweight carbine form that you would expect out of a 9mm pistol caliber carbine. It also has some features in common with the AR-15 platform. The gas and buffer tube in the stock is one of these features. Other features are the same style as an AR-15 but, can differ slightly to a standard AR-15. The charging handle is in the same form like the AR-15 but, cannot be interchanged. Due to the 9mm bolt design of the FX-9, the charging handle is shorter and therefore not interchangeable. 

The FX-9 is also only right-handed. Unlike most AR-15 platforms that can switch easily between right and left-handed operation some of the controls on the FX-9 are only right-handed. The right-handed service could be an issue for any left-handed owners out there looking to purchase the FX-9. 

The FX-9’s aluminum and steel construction with anodized aluminum components and hardened nitride steel components makes a great combination. This combination of materials gives you the strength you need in parts like the barrel, the bolt, and the extractor while not adding much unnecessary weight. These materials also combine to add in corrosion resistance and extend the wearing time of all the parts. 

Field stripping and cleaning of the FX-9 is similar to a standard AR-15. Only one captive pin will allow access to both the upper and lower receivers and the buffer tube. Should you need to take the upper off of the lower for any reason, there is another captive pin in the front. These pins need a tool to be pushed out because they are slightly recessed, unlike the AR-15 that you can reach by hand.