How Sports Can Teach Your Kids the Spirit of Healthy Competition

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The word “Competition” may sound dirty to some parents but take it or leave it; the world is pretty much a competitive place where winners and losers are declared every minute.  Whether it is scholarships, job promotions, elections, or even sporting events; the world we live in revolves around winning or losing.

If you are one of such parents who feel that competition places too much pressure on your kids to be at their very best which can leave them unnecessarily stressed and disappointed when they don’t measure up, then it is time you change your perspective.

A competitive spirit means a drive to come out at the top, a drive to win. Encouraging your kids to participate in youth sports helps them develop a healthy sense of competitiveness, which is a good thing.  While all of them will not eventually turn out to be professional sportsmen, but the lessons …

3 Must-Try Water Activities in St. Augustine, Florida

THE 10 BEST St. Augustine Boat Rides, Tours & Water Sports ...

Thousand of people flock to St. Augustine, Florida, each year to enjoy the beach town. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two or are planning a fun trip for the whole family, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. Along with souvenir shops, dining establishments and tourist attractions, this exciting city also boasts a wide variety of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. Try these three water activities to make your trip truly unforgettable.  

Book a Fishing Excursion

If you enjoy clearing your mind by fishing, take advantage of the many opportunities this seaside town has to offer. Book a trip on a deep-sea fishing vessel and try your hand at catching larger fish that live outshore. If boating makes you seasick, stick to the shore and try inshore fishing St. Augustine to catch small game.  

Rent a Jet Ski

Riding the ocean waves is …

Social Distanced Sports

Playing a sport is a fun and healthy way to get out and do something. It is hard to find ones that allow for social distancing because of all the new rules and laws. While you still want to have fun, you need to make sure you obey them. Some sports let you be outdoors and help you stay distant enough from other people, while others are sports you can play by yourself. Here are a few that you can play by yourself or with minimal contact.

Chippo | Outdoor Golf Game - YouTube


You can play golf while social distancing and still have fun. When you play, you aren’t necessarily playing against someone, it’s the actual course. You are trying to get the lowest score. If you like to gup against some competition, you could look for some golf tournament contests.


Another sport that is placed outdoors and is challenging is horseshoes. It …

Things to Have When Playing Golf

One of the best times to play sports is when there is nice weather. One of the best for doing that is playing golf. It can be a great way to get exercise and get out on the sun. Golf takes a great deal of skill if you wish to play at a high level. Courses offer multiple holes to play depending on your skill though, so there’s no need to be scared of playing at one. Here are a few things you will need before you go out and play.

Playing "Golf Swing" Instead of "Golf" Could be Hurting your Game!


Having a nice set of clubs can affect your overall score while playing. They can be made out of various different materials such as steel or carbon. This will affect how you swing and hit the ball. There are also multiple kinds of clubs for you to use. You should always have a good driver, set of irons, …

3 Celebrities With Birthdays During “Social Distancing”

News of COVID-19 has been sweeping the globe, overtaking the standard articles detailing the newest celebrity gossip, movie reviews or wedding announcements. As the “stay at home” orders continue into their second month, people have started to get creative when it comes to the events they once took for granted. And for many, “social distancing” has affected their birthdays, leaving them to blow out their candles alone. Here are three celebrities who will be getting creative for their April birthdays. 

1. Emma Watson (April 15)

Most well-known for her early role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, Watson has gone on to star in other films including Little Women, Beauty and the Beast and Noah. She currently is working to promote gender equality as the United Nations Women Goodwill ambassador. The British movie-star will certainly be the “belle” of the ball during her quarantine celebrations.

2. Eddie Murphy (April 3)

This …

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