Rock Climbing Sports, It Has Various Benefits!

Rock climbing is a challenging sport that can provide a number of benefits for physical and mental health. Research proves that this exercise can reduce stress and increase stamina.

Rock climbing is a sport that is done in nature and is a part of climbing. The main goal is to get through the hiking trails that cannot be traversed only on foot.

Before actually climbing a rock, one needs to practice climbing techniques on wall climbing first. Other requirements, you are also required to use adequate tools to ensure your own safety when climbing a rock.

Apart from reducing depression, here are other benefits of rock climbing:

1 Reducing anxiety

Other studies have also revealed the effects of rock climbing on the psyche, one of which is reducing anxiety. Research in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills tested anxiety sufferers who did rock climbing after three months. As a result, anxiety decreased significantly when compared to fitness training.

2 Reducing stress

If depression and anxiety can be minimized, of course, this sport has an impact on reducing stress. In fact, rock climbing can increase the body’s ability to respond to stress. The reason is that physical activity triggers the body to produce the neuromodulator norepinephrine, a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress efficiently.

3 Overcoming fear

When doing this sport, of course you have to fight the fear of heights. At first you might think that this sport is very challenging. If you are used to it, over time the fear that you have can be controlled.

4 Practice patience

This sport is prone to making you fall repeatedly so it encourages you to try it many times. Precisely this is good because your patience will continue to be tested. If you have a strong desire to reach the top, surely you will keep trying until you succeed.

5 Increase self-confidence

Even though you can fail many times while climbing, this sport can increase your confidence when you make it to the top. The more skilled at climbing, the greater the level of confidence.

6 Learn to regulate emotions

A study says that rock climbing increases the positive effect on emotions significantly. In fact, the results are much better than relaxation sessions. Someone who is experiencing emotional disorders, such as bipolar, is advised to try this sport.

7 Increase muscle mass

In addition to mental health, rock climbing certainly provides benefits for physical health. When climbing, all the muscles of the body will work hard and maximally. If done frequently, this exercise can increase muscle mass.

8 Increase stamina

Climbing exercises also train endurance and improve heart performance. The reason is, while climbing you are required to hold your own body weight. If done effectively and regularly it can certainly increase endurance and help heart function.