Essentials for Your Range Bag

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Heading to the firing range is an underrated activity. It is fun when whether you go alone, with family or friends, or even if you head there with a date. As long as safety rules are strictly observed, everyone can have a great time and will have plenty to talk about after things wrap up. Whether you head out alone or in a group, make sure your range bag is fully stocked and ready to go.  

Safety First 

Eyes and ears aren’t replaceable, so be sure you carry adequate eye and ear protection with you. A solid pair of wraparound glasses from a local sporting goods store and a baseball cap are all you need to make sure your eyes remain safe while at the range.  

Many people are fine with either noise-reducing headphones or earplugs. Others may want the added sound dampening of using both together. Also, consider whether the range is indoors or outdoors. An indoor range will seem louder due to the trapped sound, so you may require stronger protection there. 

Guns and Ammo 

Bring any firearms you plan to practice with, but be sure to check with the range and find out if they have any restrictions on what they allow. Packing your favorite gun with the Glock trigger upgrades won’t do you much good, though, if you don’t have enough ammo. Some ranges may have ammo available to purchase, or you can stock up and bring your own. 

Though they aren’t required, a good pair of shoes and a few water bottles are always a good idea to have. Both indoor and outdoor ranges can get hot, especially if you’re in the sun, so do your best to hydrate and cool off when needed.  

Going to the range is a lot of fun. Ensure you will have the best possible experience by checking your range bag for these essential basics.