How Sports Can Teach Your Kids the Spirit of Healthy Competition

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The word “Competition” may sound dirty to some parents but take it or leave it; the world is pretty much a competitive place where winners and losers are declared every minute.  Whether it is scholarships, job promotions, elections, or even sporting events; the world we live in revolves around winning or losing.

If you are one of such parents who feel that competition places too much pressure on your kids to be at their very best which can leave them unnecessarily stressed and disappointed when they don’t measure up, then it is time you change your perspective.

A competitive spirit means a drive to come out at the top, a drive to win. Encouraging your kids to participate in youth sports helps them develop a healthy sense of competitiveness, which is a good thing.  While all of them will not eventually turn out to be professional sportsmen, but the lessons they learned between the foul lines will guide them to be better astronauts, doctors, lawyers, authors, military heroes, accountants, or even a president.

However, you don’t want your kids to be overly consumed by competition (to have a strong desire to win at all cost and feel crushed when they don’t), so you, therefore, have to foster a healthy competitive spirit in them. Here are some ways to go about it.

·         Get them the right gear

Getting your kids the right sports gear to participate in sporting activities is not over-emphasized. You don’t want them getting hurt while participating, do you? Then get them the right gears. Getting them genuine sports gear also increases their confidence, which adds more adrenaline to the game and in turn improves their performance. Looking for where to get genuine and the right sports gear? Why not try Pro Direct Soccer US, they are a leading online sportswear dealer with thousands of products listed in their online store for you to select from. Or you can simply check out other sports clothing retailers.

·         Lead by example

Kids are known to reflect the attitudes of people around them (interactions, actions, and personal conducts) and as such you as a parent or guardian is expected to lead by example. As leaders to your kids, you must practice what you preach and that means doing what’s right (even when it isn’t easy), showing good sportsmanship, showing grace under fire etc. 

This means no screaming at your kids or officials while pacing up and down the sidelines, no blaming others for your mistakes but rather looking for ways to improve yourself and not encouraging sports violence.  Your kids look up to you and it is best you show them that competitors do not make the game better for themselves alone but for everyone participating: players, spectators, and officials alike.

·         Help them set achievable goals

Not everyone is able to do everything overnight or the first time they give it a try, many will have to try it a couple of times before getting a hang of it. Therefore, to prepare your kids for a lifetime of healthy competition, help them set achievable goals, motivate them, and celebrate success every step of the way. If hiring a private coach will help your kids become better at the sports they love, then hire a coach.

In conclusion, a healthy competitive spirit should be taught at a young age and what other way than partaking in sports. Teaching our kids that they are not worth less when they don’t win a trophy but value the spirit of good competition to persevere and develop to be more consistent, confident, happier, and to live more successful lives.