Social Distanced Sports

Playing a sport is a fun and healthy way to get out and do something. It is hard to find ones that allow for social distancing because of all the new rules and laws. While you still want to have fun, you need to make sure you obey them. Some sports let you be outdoors and help you stay distant enough from other people, while others are sports you can play by yourself. Here are a few that you can play by yourself or with minimal contact.

Chippo | Outdoor Golf Game - YouTube


You can play golf while social distancing and still have fun. When you play, you aren’t necessarily playing against someone, it’s the actual course. You are trying to get the lowest score. If you like to gup against some competition, you could look for some golf tournament contests.


Another sport that is placed outdoors and is challenging is horseshoes. It may seem easy, but throwing the shoe around the small pole can be tough. Scoring is fairly simple in a 1,2,3 format with the winner having to score 21 or more. Each throw you can be done while your opponent steps away from the pit.


Cornhole is similar to horseshoes but uses bags and boards. It is an up and coming sport that has found a real popular following. There are even pro events that are televised where players can win money. The skill needed to throw the bag in the hole is rather astonishing. Social distancing can still be done while playing as each player steps aside during the other’s turn.


Tennis is played with opponents on each side of the net. This helps keep each player distant from one another. You can get a good work out while having a friendly competition. It can be played indoors or outside, and there are multiple services to choose from including hard court, grass, and clay.

It is tough to find things to do during these times of lockdown and distancing. Sports can be a great outlet to feed your competitive side and keep you busy.