The Fun Aspect Of Skydiving

Whenever you hear the term “Bucket List” skydiving is a common thing a lot of people wanna try at one point in their lives. People love excitement and the feeling of adrenaline when their doing something dangerous. Plus how cool would it be to tell your friends that you jumped out of a helicopter for fun. Whether skydiving is fun or not there is no doubt that the idea of skydiving has crossed your mind at one point in your life. Thinking about it and actually doing it are totally different things if your brave enough to actually soar in the sky there are certain places where the activity are best done at. 

Skydiving is considered an extreme sport due to its dangerous nature, because of that its not a surprise that its popular in California. When thinking of a location for your first skydive san diego ca would not be a bad choice, as they have couple of business where you can try this sport. In 2018 there were a reported 3.3 million jumps done in the U.S showing just how popular this sport has gotten. Since California is known for being the home of many extreme sports such as Surfing and Skateboarding, Skydiving is well on its way to being another name in their Extreme Sports culture. 

Its not just use for recreational purposes however as the military has found many uses for skydiving. The military has used the method of parachuting which is a term for skydiving to save aircrews and aircraft’s in fight. They later used it as a way to transport soldiers into the battlefield. The earliest use the military has used skydiving dates back from the first world war as a way to escape an aircraft and landing safely before an aviators aircraft broke down. Not only can this activity be fun but useful too. 

For those wondering how to skydive if you have never been in the air before then do not worry as you do not necessarily need to be in the air to learn the craft. When learning how to skydive instructors will tell you to practice on a vertical wind tunnel which simulates your body going into free fall. This will help you practice on how to control your body while your in the air. Instructors also recommend their students to use a virtual reality parachute simulator to learn how to land. 

Skydiving also has its risk which is only natural since most of the sports relies on you being in the air. If your reluctant to try this activity out of fear of dying although a possibility it is very rare for someone to die while skydiving. In the 1970s there was an average of 42.5 fatality’s annually and with technology advancing as the time goes by that number drops every few years. If your trying to be more adventurous and are looking for more excitement in your life then nothing will beat the thrill of feeling the wind on your hair as you skydive on that beautiful blue sky.