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Interview des BsB par Extra TV, en backstage, après leur victoire d’un CMT Award :)

Source: ExtraTv YouTube Channel

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Everybody, rock your body right – Backstreet’s back alright!

We all have been, and to be honest still are, screaming our hearts out by singing along to the songs of the world’s most successful boyband, whether we would like to admit it or not. The Backstreet Boys have released some of the most classic hits the world has seen so far – for instance ‘I Want It That Way’, ‘Everybody’ and ‘Incomplete’, to only name but a few, are songs which will never go out of style and which will always see us bouncing to on the dancefloor.

It all started in 1993, when Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough got together to create the legacy of the Backstreet Boys. To this date they have sold over 100 million records worldwide, count to the best-selling recording artists in countries such as Germany, United States of America and Canada and have won and been nominated for numerous awards. Already their very first album release, ‘Backstreet Boys’ was certified three times platinum and diamond in several countries – the band’s success strongly remained throughout their career.
Their brand new single ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ was released last Thursday, May 26th, and we could not be more excited about it. Backstreet Boys have stayed true to creating infectious pop ballads and present yet another anthem which doubtlessly will find you singing along instantly.

1883 Magazine have had the opportunity to have a conversation with band member Kevin Richardson on behalf of the Backstreet Boys – the singer briefly left the band due to family commitments but officially re-joined them a few years later. We start the chat by firstly getting into his personal life including talking about his favourite Netflix shows, and then start investigating into what it’s like being a part of BSB, the most memorable performances and growing as a band.

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Voici l’interview que les BsB ont donné à Dubai 98 avant le Blended Music Festival
Ils annoncent le nouveau single (son très année 90) pour Mai et une tournée qui s’étendra sur 2019 et 2020…

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Alors qu’ils étaient à Las Vegas, les BsB ont accordé à Paper Magazine une interview et, ont faient une scéance photo au sein du Planet Hollywood…
Voici l’interview et les fameuses photos :)

Source / credits : Paper Magazine

2017 – Photoshoot by Charlotte Rutherford for ‘Paper Magazine’ (9 photos)

Backstreet’s back…but they’ve never left! After 24 years together, AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin and Nick are better than ever, working on their ninth studio album and thrilling fans with their five-part harmonies and syncopated dance routines during Larger Than Life, their massive Las Vegas residency at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. What started as a string of nine dates has grown into over 40 shows through February of next year, and if the guys have their way, they’ll be out here performing for the next two years — or longer. And not only are the guys in top form, but their fans, whether twenty and thirtysomethings who have been listening to them since their self-titled debut in ’96 or kids who discovered them on the Internet two decades later, are also not messing around. Catch one of their shows and you’ll find grown women on the verge of tears, holding signs that profess their still-burning love for one of the five. In the midst of one such string of shows, we talked to the Boys about their lives in Las Vegas, their onstage chemistry and what we can expect from their newest record.

How has the residency been going this summer?

Nick Carter: We have been having the time of our life here in Las Vegas. Some of us have actually moved here, we’re recording our next album here.The town has really embraced us.

Howie Dorough: We’re three months in already, and we’re thinking we’re probably going to be out here at least for the next two years.

Brian Littrell: Hopefully longer.The show is a perfect fit for our generation who is now older. They’re bringing their kids to our shows.

Kevin Richardson: A family came through the line the other night at a meet and greet: an 82-year-old grandmother, her daughter and then her daughter. That’s pretty cool.

You’ve been a group for 24 years. After all this time, what things have stayed the same and what’s changed?

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Aujourd’hui à 16h30 (heure Française) Brian prendra la parole à la Liberty University à Lynchburg, Virginie, dans le cadre de leur convocation d’automne …
Bonne nouvelle – vous pourrez le regardez de chez vous car un live stream sera disponible ici à cet endroit >>

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Nick Carter on ’90s Nostalgia and Recording a New Backstreet Boys Album: Interview
by Roxane Coche February 19, 2016 1:13 PM

Nick Carter is most well known as one-fifth of the Backstreet Boys, but he’s making headlines on his own again lately, from his extended run on Dancing With The Stars to his third solo album, All American, which was released in November.

This month, Carter released the second music video off of that album for “19 in 99,” a catchy pop song that looks back at his life during the Backstreet Boys’ glory days. Carter, now 36, is currently getting ready to go on a one-month nationwide tour, kicking off in California next week.

As his third solo tour shapes up, Carter shares some tour details with us, talks about how his album and the “19 in 99″ video came to life — and he reveals that BSB is back at it yet again in the studio.

What a fun video! Many nods to the ’90s. How did you come up with them? What was your selection process for the video?
The music video pretty much follows the story of the song seamlessly, so it wasn’t that hard because we created all these nostalgic favorite things that people remember and used to love during the late ’90s. I was 19 years old in a boy band that was peaking in 1999 — it was fun reminiscing.

The best, for many fans, is your nod to “I Want It That Way” when AJ peeks through your window. Who came up with that idea?
That was actually the director’s and my idea. We wanted to note one of things that was big at the time, so “I Want It That Way” was the perfect moment. Since this is a pop rock song, I was a little worried that people might not necessarily recognize the reference with AJ, but I’m glad everyone loves what we were trying to do.

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