How does betting on sports work?

Some people are curious about how sports betting works, especially with the World Cup taking place in Qatar. So, we will show you the ropes of sports betting.

Sports betting: How does it work?

Let’s take football as an example. You can place a bet on a match in many ways. For example, a direct bet. You can also bet on the home team in every football match. However, you can only bet on a draw by pressing 0 on your betting machine.

A “double chance” is another option. In this case, you bet on two out of three possible results: a home win, a draw, or an away win. Many players believe that the odds of winning are lower with a double chance.

Regarding football betting, for example, you can find the odds to the latest football matches through a trusted bookmaker’s website.

There are more and more types of sports betting. Some of them are more popular and are most often chosen by players. Others, although not as popular, are also good opportunities.

Beginner players may consciously reject certain types of bets as they seem too complicated. Below we explain what the different types of bets are and how they work.

  • Match Winner – Indication of a specific match winner, a win for one of the teams, or a draw.
  • The number of goals – here, we have a lot of options to play. We can predict, for example, the number of goals in the entire match, a specific team, no goals on one side, or goals scored by both teams in the match.
  • Double chance – choosing the winner of the meeting with the so-called support, i.e., protection in the event of a draw of the team selected by the bettor.
  • Correct Score – Predict the exact score of the match.
  • Player-related bets – Goalscorers, assist or even shots on target or tackles made.
  • Handicap – favoring one of the teams or a player before the start of the match. For example, in football, the bookmaker determines whether a given team starts with a minus goal (the handicap.) This way, we bet on the winner while considering that “handicap”.
  • Combined bets – possibility to combine bets, e.g., match winner and number of goals in the match.
  • Special bets are a wide range of sports, politics, or entertainment bets. As part of special bets, we can, for example, bet on who will become the champion of England next season or who will win the presidential election in a certain country.

Are there any online sports betting options?

You can also place sports bets online. Each betting company has its own website and an app that allows you to register. It works exactly the same way as in a betting office. You can deposit money in many ways and then place a bet on the desired game.

Follow the bookmaker’s instructions to place a bet. This can be done on both the app and the website. Depending on which provider, the minimum amount is between 10 and 25 Pounds. The settings will allow you to specify more details about your bets. When a player wins, they receive a notification saying so.

Online bookmakers: Availability and Ease of Use

When placing bets online, you need to be sure that you can use the platform. There is nothing worse than having to go through the process of correcting your bet.

Ease of use is vital for any online platform, not just online sports betting. A factor related to ease of use or overall user experience must be availability.

If there is a problem with bet placement, you must speak to someone as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Customer support hotlines are also a massive bonus for online betting.

The fact is, you should avoid an online sportsbook without 24/7 customer support. Customer support should also extend to other social media channels.

Another aspect that is related to ease of use is whether you can use the sportsbook in a mobile app on your phone.


Nowadays, bettors can easily register an account with a reliable bookmaker, and place a bet, either on the game itself or on over-goals. Then, they can wait and check online whether the games turn out as predicted. Depending on which provider they choose, winnings can be collected the same day they win.